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Get Involved in a Local ICC Alliance

Participate in a Campaign to Build Local ICC Support

  • Educate the public and members of local government through the organization of public discussions, the distribution of fliers, demonstrations and meetings of local organizations
  • Obtain local resolutions in support of the ICC
  • Act to counter misunderstandings or misinformation in public discussions and media statements through media contacts and education campaigns on school campuses
  • Conduct polling of local districts, for example by students in the political science departments of local universities, in forms compatible with national polls
  • Work with local congressional and state legislative offices, meeting with Representatives and Senators about the ICC and its cases
  • Integrate the ICC into the existing programs of alliance members

Organize ICC Events and Celebrations

Hannah Dunphy/AMICC

Please tell us about your events so that we can publicize them on our Event Calendar.

Speak Up About the ICC